Usher Training


The usher’s job is not a menial task reserved for those who cannot do anything else. In fact it is one of the most important jobs in the house of the Lord. Even though the word “usher” is not found in the Bible, the office of doorkeeper and porters is mentioned. Their Old Testament biblical job description includes, “over the work of service, keepers of the entry, over the chambers and treasuries, had the charge of the ministering vessels and all the instruments of the sanctuary.” In the New Testament the disciples served as ushers to Jesus by introducing people to Him, helping organize miracles, and taking care of necessary tasks.

Today’s usher meets and greets people, gives direction and assistance while maintaining order in the church. He collects and secures the offering and is an invaluable help to the pastor. With such varied and important duties, it is imperative that they be well-trained to do their job. That is purpose of this seminar.

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