Lay Leadership For The Local Church


This material was developed as a basic training guide for laity who desire to help their pastor carry the load of shepherding the flock. As a church grows, more ministries are needed: (1) to more adequately meet the needs of the membership, (2) to utilize various means of winning the lost, (3) to free the pastor so he can devote himself to the ministry of the Word and planning.

God has provided the modern church with spiritual “Levites” who are energetic, sincere and waiting to get involved. In the past, some of these unused leaders have in frustration mistaken the pulpit ministry as their gift to the church. Wise is the pastor who will harness this zeal and properly channel their God-given talent to the edification of the local church. Then again, we may have the privilege of mentoring a Philip who was chosen to wait on tables at the first and then progressed on to become an evangelist mightily used of God. (See Acts 6:5-6, 8:5-40).

This material is also designed to help us grow personally so we can lift the lid on our church growth.

We may have all the ingredients of a powerful Church: a wonderful pastor with vision, dynamic spiritual services, and a united group of saints who love holiness. Then why is our church not growing? One leader cannot adequately minister to all the needs. We must equip some spiritual “Levites” to help with this burden. Pastor, multiply your ministry through trained leaders and watch your church grow!

This is a digital product. Once purchased you will be able to download the printable manual, PowerPoint manual as well as the 5 teaching videos of Pastor Mitchell teaching the class. Once purchased the videos will show up under the “Purchased Videos” section of the top menu.

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