The Way More Perfectly Video


Watch Someone Receive the Holy Ghost And Be Baptized After 4 Lessons. This video series includes Pastor Mitchell teaching Tyler The Way More Perfectly Bible Study.

Tyler saw New Testament Christian Center as he passed by on Interstate 85. He visited the church website and left an email requesting more information. Pastor Mitchell responded by visiting his home and offering to share with him The Way More Perfectly Bible study.

Being raised in a denominational church, Tyler is now in his forties and looking for meaning in life. He has a degree in philosophy and has searched through different secular disciplines and religions. He knows there must be more out there but cannot seem to find it. Life has left him empty and frustrated both personally and spiritually. Tyler knows very little about Pentecost, receiving the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues and baptism in Jesus’ name. After his first visit to a Pentecostal church, he admits that he is not used to the emotionalism and the lively format. “It takes some getting used to,” he said.

Watch as Pastor Mitchell instructs him in the Word and marvel as Tyler responds to the progressive revelation of truth. At the end of the last session, Tyler pops the question “When can I have that Holy Ghost?” In fifteen minutes he is speaking in tongues! A few hours later he is baptized. On the last DVD, Tyler is interviewed two days after being born again. He said, “This is radical. I can’t sleep at night and all I want to do is read the Bible and pray.”