How to Live on Half Your Income


It is not how much you make but how much you spend that determines your fiscal future. In today’s financially uncertain world, one needs some bedrock principles to anchor their money. Incorporated into this seminar are Biblical truths and practical advice gleaned from years of experience.

General rules on How to Buy, When to Buy, and The Difference Between Need and Want are discussed. Teaching on how to economize in the six basic necessities: Housing, Food, Transportation, Clothing, Insurance and Loans will save you thousands of dollars.

What you spend for this seminar will be repaid over and over!

Study Notes and Video Training

Great for group studies.

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Timothy C. Mitchell has a lot of experience in the field of finances. Raised in a family of average means by a father who was an astute money manager, he learned these principles early on. He started out at 16 as a bag-boy at A & P Food stores, many times thumbing a ride to work from out in the country where he was raised. He worked his way through college during which at one time both his parents were in the same hospital room, one suffering from a heart-attack and the other dying with cancer. Upon graduation he took a struggling home missions church. When he left a few years latter there was a new educational wing debt-free. Then he spent some years on the evangelistic field traveling across the country.

When God called him to start a home missions church in Montgomery, Alabama he opened a business to support himself. For over twenty years he did not take any finances from the church choosing to be self-supporting like the Apostle Paul. Along with many successful real estate investments and wise spending practices, he has met the financial goal set when he was young.

Averaging around 100 in attendance 20 years ago, he relocated the church and built a new facility with an indebtedness of $700,000. Today the church is debt-free, sits on 10 ½ acres of prime land facing the interstate and valued at $4 million. It all adds up to wise spending, prudent investing and God’s blessings on Biblical principles that work.