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Welcome to Know the Truth Ministry

Purpose: To provide quality teaching and training resources for pastors and church leaders.

Hello. I’m Pastor Timothy C. Mitchell. In my younger years I was constantly looking for resources that would help me do my job easily and more effectively. Occasionally I found what I needed, but most of the time I would have to buckle down and create the material. With 40 years of ministry behind me, time and experience have helped me accumulate some quality products that I would like to share with others. Why should others have to “re-invent the wheel” and waste their valuable time? This is my goal—to be a blessing to you.

This website is an ongoing project in which new materials will be constantly added. In most cases the product will be available in printed form, on CD, and/or live sessions on DVD. Currently, there are three categories of product:

  1. Pastor’s ToolKit Series – Resources for pastors to develop leaders in their assembly.

  1. Soulwinning – Proven soul-winning materials to build the membership of your church.

  1. Practical Christianity Series – Teaching resources that take Biblical principles and apply them to daily Christian living.

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Thank you for visiting and if you have any suggestions to help us improve feel free to contact us here.

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